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Ukulele Course

Ukulele Course

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Are You Ready To Master The Ukulele?

Daily Exercises
Never have to think about what you need to practice each day. Master playing the ukulele by following our daily exercise routines. Try it for 4x30 Min in our Try Out Course to a reduced price of 50,00 € instead of 72,00 €.

Technique Guides
Learn to play a great fun instrument. Practice from the beginning the typical rhythm patterns - strumming or picking and how to play the melody.

Playing together Programs
Enjoy this small but fine instrument by playing with others. Play across the spectrum of different styles and playing techniques from pop to reggae to Hawaiian to jazz.

Choose the plan that is right for you
Are you just getting started and want to learn the basics? Are you already experienced in playing the guitar and want to reach the next level? We have complete exercise programs for any level that will help you achieve your goals!

Disclaimer: This is a virtual product. We will contact you to schedule your first lesson after you finish the purchase. Classes take place in Plöck 85 in Heidelberg Old Town.
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