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Classic series HF13

Classic series HF13

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Flag Handmade in Germany.

That such an affordable guitar should be so good is a testament both to the craftsmanship and the superb materials chosen. The HF13 has a solid spruce top, a mahogany body, and a wafer-thin matt finish.

With a truly great sound producing pleasingly warm and bright tones, it is comfortable to hold and so easy to play. For those new to playing the guitar, and also for those more experienced, it is important to find an instrument that inspires and motivates – the HF13 is one such guitar.

Instrument: Classical Guitar   
Model: HF130  
Category Term Description
Body Shape Hofner
  Wood Top Solid spruce A+
  Soundhole  85mm diameter
  Bracing Standard Hofner
  Wood Back Mahogany
  Wood Sides Mahogany
  Binding Top Black Synthetic
  Binding Back Black Synthetic
  Purfling top b-w
  Purfling back 0
  Purfling sides 0
Neck Wood Mahogany
  Reinforcement Rosewood
  Headstock Shape Hofner
  Decoration of headstock Standard Hofner
  Faceplate Mahogany
  Rear headplate 0
  Heel Cap Mahogany
Fingerboard Wood Rosewood
  Scale 650mm
  Nut Width 50mm
  Width At 12th fret 59mm
  Side Dots fret 7 / 9
  Number Of Frets 19
Bridge Material / type Rosewood 
  Bridge saddle Bone
Finish Top matt # 2
  Body matt # 2
  Neck matt
Hardware Tuners 3 in line, gold, perloid buttons
  Nut Material Synthetic
  Pickup 0
  Electrics 0
  Strings Höfner Premium strings
Setup Action E6 @ 12th fret 4mm
  Action e1 @ 12thfret 3mm
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