Classic series HZ23
Classic series HZ23
Classic series HZ23
Classic series HZ23
Classic series HZ23

Classic series HZ23

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 Handmade in Germany

The Höfner HZ23 is a beautiful handmade guitar that allows all musicians access to quality workmanship and sound. It has a beautifully figured mahogany body and a solid cedar top, giving a bright tone with excellent projection and full and warm tonal characteristics. It is finished in a matt lacquer, with a cream binding complementing the caramel tones of the body and giving it a very smart appearance. With a scale of 650mm and a nut width of 50mm, this instrument is the ideal student’s model. Made with craftsmanship and care in the Höfner workshops in Germany, this is a guitar that looks as good as it sounds and is also excellent value for money.

Instrument: Classical Guitar  
Model: HZ 23  
Category Term Description
Body Shape Hofner
  Wood Top Solid cedar A+
  Soundhole  85mm diameter
  Bracing Standard Hofner
  Wood Back Mahogany
  Wood Sides Mahogany
  Binding Top Cream Synthetic
  Binding Back Cream Synthetic
  Purfling top b
  Purfling back 0
  Purfling sides 0
Neck Wood Mahogany
  Reinforcement Rosewood
  Headstock Shape Hofner
  Decoration of headstock Standard Hofner
  Faceplate Mahogany
  Rear headplate 0
  Heel Cap Mahogany
Fingerboard Wood Rosewood
  Scale 650mm
  Nut Width 50mm
  Width At 12th fret 61mm
  Side Dots fret 5 / 7 / 9
  Number Of Frets 19
Bridge Material / type Rosewood
  Bridge saddle Bone
Finish Top matt # 2
  Body matt # 2
  Neck matt
Hardware Tuners 3 in line, gold, perloid buttons
  Nut Material Synthetic
  Pickup 0
  Electrics 0
  Strings Höfner Premium strings
Setup Action E6 @ 12th fret 4mm
  Action e1 @ 12thfret 3mm